Fate Of Heroes live!

Latest version: build #18 from 20.09.2009 18:26:56.

A java-based roguelike game in web browser under development.



Move around by using arrows. Kill something by moving to its location.

While in menus, selected item is yellow, available commands are [green].

Quick 'n dirty: How to play?

You start with some equipment, got to [I]nventory and [E]quip it - first select slot, then item to place to slot. Don't worry if were unlucky and did not get weapon or armor.

Enemies have probably swarmed you by now, you can melee they by moving in their direction. If you see you deal no damage, it is because they wear armor; you can assign some points to [S]kills - unarmed or weapon mastery if you gained some experience by hitting foes. But do not worry about that, it happens automatically

Most actions (moving, attacking, using abilities ...) cost Action Points which regenerate over time, you can see bar with your points on bottom of screen.

You also gain experience by killing foes, use e[X]perience dialog to mark skills or attributes to which you kill xp goes.

When stuff dies, [P]ickup loot. You will find some runes. You can use them to upgrade equipment or to learn abilities in a[B]ility dialog. Ready a ability (i.e. Inferno) and [U]se it. It will not work well unless you exp as bit and assign points.

Purple thingie you was right next to you is portal, walk to it to go to location on other side of portal.

Techhie stuff

You need to have java installed and JNLP enabled.

Screenshot explained

Assuming you are looking at this screenshot:

Credits where due ...